5 Free Mobile Games of 2017 for All Kinds of Gamers

Mobile games are best for everyone busy and on the go, something to pick up and put down quickly as you get on and off the bus. How do you choose what is right for you in the gigantic library of games available? Here are 5 free mobile games perfect to pick up and put down for every type of gamer.

For the math lovers: CALCULATOR: THE GAME

We usually use calculators to derive answers for our everyday math problems. Calculator – The Game flips it around literally and gives you the answer and the number of moves but how to get there is completely up to you. The game changes things up by adding different functions and variations to the calculator for each different problem to solve. It’s not addition, subtraction, multiplication and division anymore but adding in single digits and finding what works. Feeling nerdy and in the mood for some mathematical problem solving? This one is a perfect choice.

For a dose of adrenaline racing: SPACE TUNNEL


Space Tunnel reminds us a lot of this past September’s indie PC release Astral Traveler minus the platforming. Space Tunnel is based heavily on high reflex as you charge through the level to avoid obstacles and pick up gems. You can try to beat your friends or keep playing to beat your own personal score. The color palette  is sharp and Space Tunnel looks great especially when paired up with great energetic music to match its fast paced environment.

For a retro game with a twist: BALLZ

Are you a fan of retro arcade game Breakout? We sure are. The hours we spent playing that game are completely countless. Ballz, developed by Ketchapp Games takes that concept and notches the difficulty higher as they add on numbers to the surface of the tiles. These numbers indicate how many times the ball needs to hit that tile for it disappear. Of course, Ballz still makes it fair by giving you power-ups where you get to increase the amount of balls. Its colorful and every bit as every addictive as what inspired it.

For an action rogue-like: ONCE UPON A TOWER

Who says princesses need to be saved by a prince? The prince just got eaten by the guardian dragon and the princess with her war hammer hand is going to bash her way down the tower and out of this prison. Once Upon a Tower is a cute game featuring the ability to unlock different princesses and objectives to complete along the procedurally generated map. It’s easy to die and retry. The controls sometimes lack the finesse but the movements shows a lot of thought was put into the mechanics along with the variety of enemies, obstacles and power-ups.

For a strategic battle: MINI GUNS

Mini Guns is a real-time multiplayer strategy game featuring little characters called the Minis. They are little figurines and you unlock more of them as you battle more. Its colorful and action-packed plus you can even call on some friends in cooperative mode to play together or against each other as well. It requires a tactical approach but for those looking for some quick action and strategy, this one is for you.