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At ThatMomentIn, we write articles and reviews on film and video games. We do accept post articles from other bloggers or from sponsors. These sponsored posts are paid publications and we accept them if they fall within our post guidelines as outlined below.

  1. If you want us to publish a post on ThatMomentIn and want a link back to your website, this is considered advertising and viewed as sponsorship.
  2. We will accept sponsored posts only when we will be informed in advance.
  3. The fee charged for a sponsored post will depend on your case. Current rates run from (US) $50 for in-post link outs to (US) $100 for submitted posts.
  4. Each submitted post will contain the maximum 3 “no-follow” links as per Google’s guidelines. (requests for “do-follow” links will be considered case by case)
  5. Each must be a minimum 250 words. We reserve the right to edit your work for grammar, spelling, and formatting.
  6. The sponsored post should include at least one high-resolution picture (relevant to the topic), which you must have the right to use, or it must fall under the creative commons category. Same applies for the videos.
  7. All sponsored posts must be relevant to our site’s theme. We further reserve final decision whether to accept or reject a sponsored post.
  8. We further reserve the right to take down any sponsored content.
  9. Lastly, we do not possess any relationship with the sponsor and the views expressed in the sponsored posts don’t represent ThatMomentIn.

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