‘Alto’s Adventure’ Mobile Game Review

‘Alto’s Adventure’ Mobile Game Review


Developer: Snowman
Genre: Platform game
Mode: Single-player video game
Platforms: Android, iOS


We may have waved goodbye to Winter in the Northern Hemisphere but Alto’s Adventure will take on an “endless snowboarding odyssey”. Watch the trailer and read our review below.

Developed by Snowman, Alto’s Adventure is an 2D infinite runner where we initially start with a boy called Alto who embarks on a snowboarding trip where he captures llamas, collect coins and boost items, jumps over chasms, bunt/roof grinds and even mix it all together and do combo trick moves among his many adventures. He has to escape elders that he wakes up during his run and eventually, as the game progresses, more characters will be unlocked.

Alto’s Adventure is a simple one button game with 3 objectives for every level. Every ten levels will unlock a new character that has different abilities. There is a total of 180 unique objectives giving that 60 levels to complete.  Alto is our basic character with average snowboarding skills but for example, our next character is Maya and she is spectacular at jumping and backflips. The true highlight is when the game approaches Level 31, which is both challenging and engaging to achieve, when we unlock an adrenaline junkie called Izel who is a speed monster and the first one that unlocks the “wingsuit” that allows us to fly certain distances when he reaches top speed. The character after that is a complete surprise (featured in our gameplay video below). And the fun only begins with the unlockable characters.

Unlike many mobile games, Alto’s Adventure doesn’t have any in-game purchases (except for one called a coin doubler which is one purchase used forever however it is not necessary to get). The key here is the coins collected and accumulated during each of the runs. These can be used to increase the timer on the boost items or the most important addition previously mentioned, the wingsuit.  

The best part of Alto’s Adventure is the visual art. While it is minimalist with its simplistic forests and villages, it is natural. The backdrop through the run will change in time of day from sunrise to sunset, so will the weather from rain, snow, sleet, thunderstorms,etc. The music itself is soothing and pleasant and eventually melts into the background with the snowboarding adventure we’ve embarked on.  

There isn’t much to criticize about Alto’s Adventure. Every run usually allows three times of failing by watching a promotional video to continue the run before ending it. The challenges are increasing in difficulty but never impossible.  It is an immersive experience that should not be missed, complete with its beautiful minimalist art style and ambient music to its unlockable characters and will make you not want to get off your snowboard and fight through even the most volatile weather.

Although simple, Alto’s Adventure is a completely engrossing gaming experience. It is fun, challenging and incredibly relaxing to play. It isn’t rage-inducing or repetitive. Instead, it takes the player into a beautiful realm and invests them into the adventure while trying to level up and up wanting to see what the next character has to offer and how that changes the game in its own way. The best way to describe it: easy to learn; hard to master. Take that with you as you dive into this wonderful journey!