Announcing NEW TMI Movie Podcast: Cinema Recall (Vote Now)

Cinema Recall is a new exciting podcast debuting this July.

Cinema Recall is a new movie moments podcast from the ThatMomentIn network featuring special guests for each episode discussing movies and moments that you help choose.

Welcome to the next evolution in TMI podcasting as we welcome our newest show Cinema Recall. Our site motto is “Every Movie Has One Great Moment” and we live by that thought. On Cinema Recall, that’s just what we talk about and the good news is, you can be part of it. Before each show, we’ll feature a Movie Poll and ask you to choose which movie we should discuss. You have the power.

Cinema Recall is hosted by long time veteran podcaster and TMI crew member “The Vern” (@videovangaurd) and along with a special guest each show will tackle a movie and a particular scene in that film, discussing in detail it’s impact on cinema and much more. With lots of laughs and great insights on movies, every few weeks we will be posting a poll asking readers and listeners to vote among five nominees to choose each show’s topic and if you comment on Facebook or Twitter, we’ll give you a shout out. Vote now in the poll below (POll closes June 30th).

Cinema Recall debuts the first week of July and new episodes drop every two weeks.



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