Got Amazon Prime (US)? Check out ‘Asylum of Darkness’

Asylum Of Darkness is a 2017 graphic horror film about a man who escapes from a mental hospital only to find the outside much worse than the inside.

Director Jay Woelfel contacted us today to remind us that his psychological horror film Asylum of Darkness is on Amazon Prime (US). Now’s a good time to give it a watch. Here’s our own summary of the film:

Dwight (Nick Baldasare) is a patient at a mental institution with visions of a world that would seem fitting for such a situation. All around him are horrors that he recognizes as being triggers for insanity but seems aware that they are. He is in the care of Dr. Shaker (Richard Hatch), who for Dwight, is a ghastly undead-looking man with rotting flesh. His best friend is Van Gogh (Frank Jones Jr.), a painter who sees darkness in his own work, so much so that he has stabbed out one of his eyes in hopes it would stop the terrors. Dwight longs to escape, yet when he does, things become even more so troubling, a world in more chaos than what he sees within the walls of his cell. Read the full review here.

Asylum of Darkness
Asylum of Darkness, 2017 © Season of Darkness LLC

It’s a fun little horror film fans of the genre should eat up and it deserves a look. I really liked the story a lot, and found it to be a much more complex story than what it first appears. Films like these might not get the attention their big budget counterparts do, but for fans of rich storytelling and some cool retro visual effects, Asylum of Darkness might be just the thing for you. Check out our interview with Woelfel here as he discusses the film, and be sure to read his epic takes on The Beguiled and The Curse of Frankenstein.

Asylum of Darkness is available on iTunes and Amazon Prime (US)