Cinema Recall Podcast: ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’

On this Episode, The Vern is joined by Tony Coogan of Coogs Movie Reviews to discuss filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro‘s epic fantasy Pan’s Labyrinth. They each pick a favorite scene to discuss and explain why many Studio Ghibli films would be great companion pieces for it.

Hey fans. For the Months of February and March, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of upcoming shows we’re working on for the Podcast. Sure, some of these already have guests booked, but many of them do not, and we’re looking for movie fans to chat with. If you want in, you contact us here or drop The Vern a line at
  • Feb 9: Clue with Guest Sean of 1001 Movies Podcast
  • Feb 13: Terror Tuesdays: Reviews of Bad Apples and Butcher The Bakers
  • Feb 26: Cinema Recall: Presents Cinema Carnage. On this episode  Zoe of Zobo with a Shotgun and Stephen from Asian Cinema Film Club will debate about the Darren Aronofsky flick Mother!  Whoever wins the discussion will get a cool new Blu-Ray from Shout Factory or Criterion
  • March 3: Oscar Predictions. Let’s make our picks for the top five categories.
  • March 9Cinema Recall Unfiltered. Titles to be determined later. Or you give us one!
  • March 10 or 11: Recording Paul Thomas Anderson Episode. Based on whatever movie wins the poll. A guest and I will be discussing our favorite moments from that PTA feature. Episode will Post Following Week.
  • March 16: Favorite moments from Childhood movies with Chris from Let’s Chat with Revill and Friends.
  • March 30 or 31: Saoirse Ronan Episode. Our recent poll will be on the movies of this actress who had Oscar nominees ever since she was 11. Looking to record on either of these days.
There it is, the upcoming episodes that will be on the site. Thanks again for all your support. Join Us!


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