‘Comfort’ Special Trailer: Romantic Drama Releasing Valentine’s Day

Indie romance in the tradition of Before Sunrise.

Comfort is a 2017 romantic drama about a courier working for a wealthy businessman who agrees to pick up his daughter from the airport, only to find that she might in fact be the girl of his dreams.

With love in the air, it’s the right time start thinking about date night movies and this up-coming indie drama looks to have some potential for igniting some sparks. With a talented cast and a familiar but engaging premise, this ‘walking’ romance might be just the thing to kick off any Valentine night. Check out the trailer and read on for more.

From director William Lu comes this new film from Leomark Studios, starring Chris Dinh (Play it again, Dick) and Julie Zhan (Pretty Little Liars) as a meet cute couple who come together over a couple of nights in Los Angeles as they share food and stories while she tries to avoid meeting her father.

Coming Valentine’s Day, February 14th, on VOD streaming services, come back for our pre-release review posting soon.