E3 Conference: First Day Highlights Bring The Big Guns

Video gaming’s biggest event has begun and you don’t need a ticket to be part of the show. E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) kicked off with some impressive headliners and we’ve got the rundown. With the show running a live broadcast, we’re going to give you the highlights. It’s a week of the best and brightest of what’s coming ahead in the industry, with the most pertinent news and hottest trailers dropping new every day. Let’s start big.

Titanfall 2

First out of the gates is an EA Games juggernaut. The show starter is definitely one of the biggest eye-poppers and follows-up what was one of 2014’s hottest hits. Titanfall was a massive multiplayer only first-person shooter that was a huge winner at E3 in 2013 and this year looks to be a contender for more as it dropped a single-player campaign trailer that looks to allows players connected to the serious to be able to learn moe about the bond between human and machine.

Impressions: Titanfall has a huge built-in fanbase of connected friends, however, those whose prefer to play games in single-player campaign mode can rejoice and Titanfall 2 has definitely caught our eye with this big announcement. Plus, the intriguing concept of a bond between man and machine is sure to pull us in. We’ll be strapped into this one for months to come, no doubt.

EA Originals

What is EA Originals? Here’s the official word from the company:

EA Originals is about finding great new games that we know players are going to love, and working with small developers to make sure those games get discovered and into the hands of players.

The first EA Original will be from a Swedish gaming company called Zoink Games, a company focused on games with interactive storytelling and art. They bring us Fe, which is a game without words that takes you on a journey of “a personal narrative about our relationship with nature” and ”a story that reminds us that everything in this world is connected, living in a delicate balance that is constantly under threat.” Fe starts with the player waking up as a cub and not knowing how it got there. With more exploration on the treetops, the player learns the world around them is connected with a language, more specifically a song. These songs is what will help find their identity but at the same time, the threat are the silent ones. Check out this wonder-inspiring trailer:

Impression: With our love for the beauty of Unravel, its great to see that EA Originals is now a program. Fe looks to be enchantingly beautiful and the artwork is unique yes, but so inviting we want to just keep exploring. Not to mention, Fe introduces yet another adorable main character that has already stolen our hearts. How many hearts do we have? We can’t stop watching this clip.

Battlefield 1

The EA finale went to Battlefield 1. And boom is the word. Featuring both a multiplayer and a single-player campaign, they claim this will be a “a dynamic experience where no battle is ever the same.” Aside from the expected drool-inducing visuals, which we raved about earlier, there’s a lot more now to talk about. The game is set in World War I and will run with up to sixty-four players and feature a new intuitive destruction mechanic that looks startling realistic. A full on randomly-generated dynamic weather system keeps the environments fresh and varied but you don’t care about that. You want to know about the fight. Well there’s a staggering variety of weapons and vehicles, all of which keep true to the times, most notably the introduction of ultimate vehicles. We’re talking the big behemoths, including Airships, Battleships and Armored Trains. Chaos is coming, demonstrated right after the press conference with a livestream of sixty-four players between two teams of Youtube gamers and celebrities. Convincing stuff. You can join when it’s released officially on October 21, 2016. Meanwhile, watch the trailer:

Impressions: Battlefield 1 looks incredible. Seriously, them is some tasty graphics. It’s a game about teamwork, of course, which has us wondering how hard it’s going to be to go online and find sixty-four people to who want to work as a team, but it’s a dynamic large-scale battle that’s been done before to a degree. The potential is certainly there. That aside, the weather looks gorgeous and the wide variety of weapons and the realistic reaction of their destruction is the clincher. One of the most ‘need to play it now’ scenes of the live game has to be the shooting down of the airship and its majestic fall, utterly destroying whatever was in its way. Not to mention the huge mangled mechanical skeleton that actually stayed on the map. We’re enlisting.

Quick Mentions

Here are a few other notable games to be on the lookout for, which we’ll surely be giving you updates on.

  • NFL Madden 2017
  • Mass Effect Andromeda
  • FIFA 17
  • Star Wars

We’ve got more Day One coverage coming soon.



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