Geometry Dash World (2016): Game Review

Geometry Dash World is a 2016 mobile arcade side-scrolling platformer, and the latest edition to the popular fast-paced game.

Earlier this week, RobTop Games released their newest addition to the Geometry Dash series called Geometry Dash World on mobile devices. Are you ready to tap your way through obstacles while listening to some fun music? We sure are! 

Geometry Dash is a side scrolling rhythm-based game where you guide a block (or spaceship, buzzsaw, etc.) through obstacles with a simple press of a button. While that sounds easy, the challenges are incredible as the levels increase in difficulty in its first game of the same name. While others rate their level difficulty with stars, RobTop Games rate Geometry Dash levels in emoji faces. We start with a relatively happy face and to the later levels, a painfully anger-stricken one. The challenge paired with the music and especially the auto-retry setting is what keeps players going over and over until they beat it. Because we all know, the thrill in beating a challenging game is just so satisfying. 

Geometry Dash World: Gameplay

Now that we’re all filled in on Geometry Dash and what it is, last year’s Geometry Meltdown took the series to another level with much more animated levels. However, it was only three levels and that hasn’t changed in the past year. While they still held very charming qualities, the difficulty levels in three levels are still limited. It did beg for us to wonder what else is going to happen in the series and what RobTop Games are up to.

Our answer was revealed to us in the form of Geometry Dash World made available for free on mobile devices this past week. Geometry Dash World is a little different. Think about Super Mario Bros but only its Geometry Dash based. There are currently two worlds with five levels each currently available. There is a shop where you can trade in orbs collected when you die in the levels for new skins.

Geometry Dash World’s levels are much shorter than previous installments. The first ten levels currently available are usually under one minute levels without any deaths. If there are retries, then who knows how long it will take. The level designs are more dynamic with moving objects to avoid and flashing lights with the beats, as a few examples. The ambiance of the level also changes and there are gaping monsters in some chasms, just like in Geometry Dash Meltdown. There are also a quicker opportunity to learn about all the vessels and forms we have as the player each with their own skills in just the span of what is currently available. For those familiar with Geometry Dash already, these will not be anything new but it may be a steeper learning curve for those new to the game. Although, the levels themselves, perhaps because it is much shorter, feels less grueling to play and in turn lowering the challenge but also making the victory a little less rewarding and the ending much more erupt.

With that said, there is no doubt that Geometry Dash World is very much a little introduction to something they are working on as they expand further (hopefully!). The potential to grow a simple game like this one seems restricted but as RobTop Games has proved, there is much more to add to add to the challenge. We are a fan of the original Geometry Dash with straight levels but the changes are also visible in the later levels that Geometry Dash World’s level design doesn’t feel like its out of the blue, in fact, with enough development, this concept could work. We only wish the newer islands (or world maps), will have more challenge and perhaps just a little longer levels to round out the music better. Does Geometry Dash World still live up to the Geometry Dash reputation of challenges and great music? It sure does. We only wish the experience wasn’t forty seconds long.


eometry Dash World (2016)

Game Credits

Developer: Robert Topala
Publisher: RobTop Games
Platform(s): iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, OS X
Mode: Single-player


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