‘In The Shadows’ Preview: Emotional Side-Scrolling Puzzle Platformer

Ready for a brand new take on the puzzle side-scroller? Want to explore how your memories can defeat the demons haunting you in the dark? In the Shadows takes you back to your childhood fantasy world to conquer your fears and make for a fun, emotional journey.

Montreal-based Colorspace Studio and a single person developer, Nicolas Temese are currently in the final stretch of a Kickstarter campaign to make In the Shadows, a genre-breaking, experimental game a reality. It has received praise from gaming conventions such as Pax East 2016 and Indie MegaBooth. Temese is the heart behind this gaming project and his motivating and inspiring story was even covered by the local Canadian Broadcasting news.

In the Shadows is inspired by retro games such as Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros 2. It is a 2D puzzle platformer where light is your companion in its various forms. When the lights are off, it instigates fear as the everyday objects come alive and become dangerous. However, when they are turned on, they will create comfort and transform into everyday objects that can help you on your journey through the fantasy world.

In The Shadows

In the Shadows will have forty-five levels and various fantasy worlds for you to discover and overcome. On top of that, there will be hidden levels and secrets to unlock. The levels will have different shadow creatures with their own unique mechanics. The puzzles will be challenging and will also tell an emotional story about fear and comfort. The game is accompanied by instrumental music in the background and colorful environments intertwined with real time lighting.

In The Shadows

In the Shadows only has a few more days before the Kickstarter project ends. It is expected to launch later in 2016 first on Steam and then on Playstation and Xbox One in 2017.