Is Christopher Nolan Making a WWII Movie In France?

Director Christopher Nolan works on the set of the latest Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises" on Wall Street in New York on Sunday Nov. 6, 2011. (AP Photo/Darla Khazei)
Director Christopher Nolan

Just saying the director’s name give chills of excitement to many movie fans, as the visionary filmmaker has produced some of the most talked about movies is recent history. His films always inspire conversation, with complex themes and ambiguous concepts. There’s been a lot of rumors about his next project, following the well-recieved sci-fi mind-bender Interstellar (2013). IMDb lists the director as having an “untitled” project releasing in 2017, and while the title isn’t known, it looks like now there is a location and a setting.

French newspaper La Voix Du Nord is reporting that Nolan and his brother and collaborator Jonathan have been visiting the Northern coastal city of Dunkirk across the English Channel from England. What makes Dunkirk so special? Well, a lot of reason probably, just ask anyone who lives there, but historically, it served as the site of Operation Dynamo, a mission to rescue British and Allied forces surrounded by Germans in the summer of 1940.

Adding a bit of  flare to this story is that the mayor of Dunkirk recently announced that a “world famous director” would be filming a major motion picture in the city next summer, and this report from La Voix Du Nord seems to verify the rumor. A World War II film would be a very new direction for the Nolan brothers, and while nothing is confirmed speculation runs high.

Let’s talk possibilities. The obvious first thought is that this will be a straight-up drama about the events that occurred that summer, but with the creative team behind the story, it seems likely that something more will be added to the mix. The Nolan’s have established themselves as puzzle-builders, usually leaving the last piece out for the audience to interpret on their own. As there are myriad films that depict actual war reenactments and try to follow real-life-inspried stories, a sci-fi element is the knee-jerk reaction that comes to mind. It wouldn’t be the first time that science fiction has found its way to the infamous war. The recent Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) was set in  the conflict, and there have been many more, including the very imaginative The Final Countdown (1980), which saw a modern nuclear class aircraft carrier time travel to 1941 on the verge of Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. While it’s impossible to know right now what the Nolan’s are doing in Dunkirk, the idea intrigues and has us anticipating more. As soon as we learn it, we’ll post it.

What do you think? What kind of WW II film would you like the Nolan’s to make?


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