‘Kathy Rain’ Old School Mystery Game is Out Now!

Do you like a mystery? Are you a point and click adventure game fan? If you said yes to both, then you’re ready to put on your detective cap and investigate the mysterious incidents in your hometown in Kathy Rain, now available.

Kathy Rain is the first game developed and released by a newly founded Swedish company Clifftop Games. It is a point and click mystery adventure about a college student studying in journalism who returns to her hometown after learning about her grandfather Joseph Rain’s passing. It is surprising and unexpected especially since she hasn’t been back since her mother took her away after her father left them when she was very young. Arriving in Conwell Springs, she learns from her grandmother the mysterious incident of her grandfather. This is what initiates her curiosity to look further into the situation as she follows clues and tries to discover what really happened on that one night that changed everything.

Kathy Rain
Kathy Rain (Clifftop Games, 2016)

This game is impressive not only because it does a nice job of capturing the 90s old school feel (where the story is also set in), it’s also developed almost completely by a one man team, Joel Staff Hasto. He takes care of everything except for the art and music of Kathy Rain. Looking at various gameplay, Kathy Rain has options to choose from to interact with objects and other characters. It also has a notepad where Kathy will jot down items of interest to investigate. There are puzzles and even choices on what to ask and witty answers to respond with when talking to other characters.

As the main character, Kathy Rain has quite a strong personality. She rides around from location to location in her motorcycle. She has highlighted hair and a curiosity and bond with her family even though she is estranged from them. We learn a little more about her as well through her answers and we get to choose they way she reacts with truths or lies. Kathy Rain definitely looks great as a point and click game with really nice style and an intricate mystery to uncover. Stop reading and go play!

Kathy Rain is available now on Steam.