‘The Hidden Face’ (2011) Our Friday Night Movie Pick

‘The Hidden Face’ (2011) Our Friday Night Movie Pick


Director: Andrés Baiz
Writers: Andrés Baiz (screenplay), Arturo Infante (story)
Stars: Quim Gutiérrez, Martina García, María Soledad Rodríguez


This Friday night’s movie pick is simultaneously a love story, a drama, a thriller, a ghost story, a mystery… it travels down a lot of roads and the destination is something completely unexpected. If that feel like a good time to you then it’s time to snuggle up on the couch and watch La Cara Oculta (The Hidden Face) tonight.

The story opens on orchestra conductor Adrián (Quim Gutiérrez) who, we learn, has recently had to deal with his girlfriend, Belén’s (Clara Lago) disappearance. She left a video message telling Adrián that she was leaving him and that he shouldn’t come looking for her and that she hopes he doesn’t hate her for her decision. At first Adrián doesn’t believe it and he goes to the police to report her as a missing person. They are obviously suspicious of her disappearance as well, especially as time goes by and none of her close friends or family sees her. Eventually Adrián comes to terms with the fact that Belén is gone and he gets into a steamy relationship with Fabiana (Martina Garcia) to try and get over her. As Fabiana spends more and more time at Adrián’s house she starts to feel like there’s something not quite right.

The Hidden Face

This movie is comprised of two parts. The first part is a little on-the-nose. It uses all the typical ghost story tropes and the characters aren’t very likeable. Adrián is equally emotionally distant and sinister; there’ something about him that just doesn’t let us trust him. Fabiana is sneaky, intrusive and insecure. We really aren’t rooting for either of them and yet we want to know what’s behind the mystery. Just when you think that the movie is your typical, run-of-the-mill story that you’ve seen a hundred times before it surprises you. I don’t want to say too much about the second part of the film or give anything away but trust me, the pay off is worth the wait.

Director, Andrés Baiz, has crafted a well thought out film and he plays right into our expectations. There are some moments that border on melodrama and there are some choices that are hard to relate to. Some of the characters blow certain situations out of proportion and their choices on how to handle those situations may seem extreme but this film is a study on jumping to horrible conclusions and having unrealistic responses. It’s the result of these choices and the way the characters respond to the consequences of these choices that is the truly intriguing part.

All in all, although there are flaws and a good portion of the film will have you guessing what comes next far in advance, there will still be moments that will surprise you. The pay off is definitely worth the wait and you won’t regret getting into this movie. It’s a perfect Friday night flick. Watch it tonight and let us know what you think.


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