A Life Not To Follow (2017): Trailer and Release Date

Sneak Peek at this new thriller debuting soon.

A Life Not To Follow is a story resembling the dark dramatic style of ‘The Departed’ and ‘John Wick,’ where a hitman, a gangster and a private detective share an interlacing narrative about common human frailty.

A Neo-Noir film told in three interlacing chapters.  The first story presents Eric, a criminal who knows death is imminent.  He must make amends for his past sins, by killing those who wronged him, no matter the price.  The second tale features Angelo, a wiseguy willing to do anything to move up in the world, who must make the ultimate sacrifice – kill his best friend or be killed himself.  The final act presents Tobias, an F.B.I. agent turned P.I. on the trail of a missing girl. In his long search for her he comes face to face with a host of unsavory characters who will lead him to perdition or salvation.

The sophomore feature by director Christopher Di Nunzio, A Life Not To Follow stars Michael Capozzi (as Luca Trapani), Fiore Leo (as Eric DiVenardi), Molly Kay (as Eliza Cushing), David Graziano (as Tobias Kane), John Martellucci (as Angelo), Erica Derrickson (as Fiona), William Bloomfield (as Derby) and Johnny Cammarata (as Jimmy Trapani).   The film was written Pedro Alvarado and Christopher Di Nunzio.

* Film Festival Acclaim Includes:

  • Winner, 2015 Shawna Shea Film Festival – Best Director

  • Winner, 2015 Action on Film International Film Festival- Alan J. Bailey Award Excellence in the Craft of Filmmaking

  • Nominated, 2015 Action on Film Award – Best Guerrilla Film – Feature

  • Nominated, 2015 Gwinnett Center International Film Festival – Best Feature Film – Fiction

Distributed by Random Media, A Life Not To Follow has a running time of 106 minutes.  The film is not rated.

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IMDB:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2179734/combined