Netflix Daily Pick: The Law Fights Back in ‘The Hollow Point’ (2016)

Border town lawlessness is an exciting, gritty thriller.

The Hollow Point is a 2016 thriller about a new sheriff in a local border town investigating a munitions deal gone terribly wrong.

Today’s Netflix picks is a one of those little surprises you so rarely get when you take a chance on a film you’ve never heard of, but trust us, this is a great film and one you won’t regret watching. It stars the growingly dependable Patrick Wilson who is quite steadily becoming a very trusted name for gritty, authentic performances. His work in 2015’s underseen Bone Tomahawk was especially good, but he’s not alone here in greatness. The indefatigable Ian McShane, who’s making headlines again for his role in television’s American Gods has a significant role, and you can bet your bottom dollar, it’s the best in the movie.

THE STORY: Directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego, it’s set along the US-Mexican border where old time sheriff Leland (McShane) pulls over the wrong pickup truck and gets himself in a deadly squabble that ultimately has him losing his job. He’s replaced by newcomer Wallace (Wilson) a guy with not too many friends and some troubling backstory of his own. Oh, and that pickup truck Leland pulled over? That has some secrets as well, and its no-show at a very specific place brings down a nightmare on the locals, leaving Leland and Wallace to fight a madman with a big machete. And you almost never want to fight a madman with a machete.

The Hollow Point
The Hollow Point, 2016 © Vertical Entertainment

WHY YOU NEED TO WATCH: Oh boy there is a lot great about this movie. López-Gallego sets a fast pace and keeps this achingly real with some terrific locations and smart dialogue. But it’s Wilson and especially McShane who deliver, the pair a well-cast duo who truly keep this as tight as it is. Their dynamic relationship is very well written (by Nils Lyew), and avoids the clichés you probably already expect just by reading this far.

That said, there is some great work too by the supporting cast with John Leguizamo showing up, causing absolute mayhem. Comedian James Belushi has a small role but does with it nothing you’d expect, proving he’s much more than a funny guy. Seriously, he redefines his career here.

The Hollow Point is a tight, convincing thriller that somehow got lost in the shuffle in what was a great year for films already. While this one is gritty and violent, it is nonetheless, well worth a look for it’s terrific direction and even better acting. Streaming on Netflix, this is in your next movie. Read our full review here.