On Netflix Now: We’re Watching ‘3000 Miles to Graceland’

3000 Miles to Graceland is a 2001 action film about a gang of ex-cons who rob a casino during Elvis convention week.

Legendary rock icon Elvis Presley has been in a lot of movies, and most of them are not actually starring him, but people impersonating him. Ever since his death, he’s showed up in dozens of movies and with Demian Lichtenstein‘s bizarrely entertaining 3000 Miles to Graceland, he shows up a lot, and by many different people. Still, the movie isn’t really about him, per se. It follows a guy named Michael Zane (Kurt Russell) and a gang of fours others, including Murphy (Kevin Costner), who dress up like the King of Rock & Roll to pull off a heist in Las Vegas, which goes violently wrong. This inspires a bitter and further bloody betrayal (and one key deception) that leaves one child kidnapped and a fight for the money and the love of a beautiful woman (Courteney Cox). Sort of. It’s a strange and visually wild ride with lots of style that won’t be for everyone but as a slice of early 2000s weirdness is a must see.


Certainly entertaining, Russell is great fun to watch, as always and the story is plenty full of action and sexy romance.

It’s purposefully over-the-top and works hard to be with Costner chewing up everything in sight. It’s style and violence are mostly for show and the whole thing doesn’t have much to say.