On Netflix Now: We’re Watching ‘Blackway’

Blackway is a 2016 thriller about a young woman who returns to her hometown and unwillingly catches the attention of a local crime lord.

Haunting drama with a great cast, this lowkey thriller is a step above the usual VOD you might expect in this genre. Julia Stiles plays a woman named Lillian who is not having a good day. Her cat’s been beheaded and she’s positive she’s being stalked, eventually getting assaulted. When she asks the sheriff for help, and mentions the name ‘Blackway’ (Ray Liotta), he has some good advice: get out of town. With the help of oldtimer and logger Lester (Anthony Hopkins) and the much younger Nate (Alexander Ludwig), the three venture in the woods to face off against a former cop turned oh so bad. This is a tough, supremely well-acted film from director Daniel Alfredson who shows great restraint in delivering a tense and impactful story of personal revenge. Read our review.


Smart story and genuinely dark setting make this a tense thriller well worth checking out.

While Ray Liotta is good, he’s barely in the film and ends up lacking some of the greater menace the character deserves.