‘Night Blights’ Survival Horror Game Brings the Scares

Are you ready to protect your family and survive till the morning from pesky little Night Blights that are attempting to invade your home?

The arrival of the Five Night’s at Freddy’s franchise has brought on a wave of survive the night games. Among the many that have floated into existence mostly available on Steam, game developers have evolved into not just one stagnant position for the player lighting up hallways, opening and shutting doors and flipping through cameras. Survive the night is now also set in a closed location with time mechanics that trigger an enemy to hunt or endanger the player but also giving the player controls that need to be learned and mastered to avoid being attacked.

One of the first to put a twist to this genre in a fun way, and not to be taken so seriously, is from a student project launched as a free playable demo on GameJolt in 2015 called Night Blights. Night Blights is a one man project by Hot Cross that surprised everyone and became a hit. For a free game, it offered much more than many paid games did. With the collaboration of Trapdoor Games, Night Blights recently had their full release with seven nights of survival including unlockable gameplay modes like Freeplay and Survival and even several easter eggs for players to discover.

Night Blights has you play as a young child who wakes up at 11pm while the parents and sister are asleep. Suddenly, wardrobes are creaking open and laughter is spills out. The little Night Blights are here to invade the house and you are the only one who can protect the family. With a progressive set of areas unlocked throughout the different nights and more responsibilities to care for to make sure the Night Blights don’t run rampant around the house, you have to manage your energy, time and multiple tasks to make sure you can survive the night (until 7 a.m.) so no one gets hurt.

With randomized events, Night Blights promises a unique experience with each new game. There are unpredictable jump-scares and the intensity builds as the nights progress. Imagine being a young child, walking through the dark hallways of your house with subtle sounds in the background waring you of impending danger. Night Blights under the beds have an appetite for your toys strewn across the house and some live in the fireplace just waiting for the flames to die out. You must race to keep it all under control. This is what you are in store for, plus much, much more. Are you ready to stop the Night Blights?

Night Blights is available on Steam and Gamejolt.

Night BlightsTitle: Night Blights
Genre: Indie
Developer: Trapdoor Games , Hot Cross Games
Publisher: Trapdoor Games
Release Date: 16 Apr, 2016