On Netflix Now: We’re Watching ‘8 Mile’

8 Mile is a 2002 drama about a young rapper, struggling with every aspect of his life, trying to make it big while struggling to find his identity.

Say what you will about Eminem, his acting debut – and to date only full length role – is still impressive stuff. Admittedly, much like Prince did with Purple Rain, he didn’t step too far out of his comfort zone, but nonetheless, his performance is surprisingly deep and affecting. The story follow a young man named Rabbit (Eminem), a blue-collar guy living in a trailer with his alcoholic mother on the north end of 8 Mile. He dreams of being a rapper, while he struggles with friends, a girl he likes (Brittany Murphy) and a gang of uptown rappers who put him down for where comes from. On these streets though, honor is won in the clubs on the stage in rap battles, and Rabbit has got to step up and face his demons in order to earn his way to the top. Read more about our thoughts on 8 Mile here.


Great music and some really terrific rap battles are the draw, but the cast is also outstanding, making this a very well-acted film, deserving of its praise.

If you’re no fan of rap, that’s going to be an issue, and star Eminem is a controversial figure, though that shouldn’t dissuade you from giving this a chance.


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