PinOut (2016) Game Review

Fun and challenging pinball mobile game is a hit.

PinOut, developed by Mediocre, is a 2016 reinvented Pinball game where you race against the clock to get as far as possible.

If you are looking for an arcade fix, this might be the perfect answer. PinOut drops us into a familiar Pinball scene. Mediocre creates a world of various neon tinted lighted world as we progress from one level to the next. The ultimate goal is to reach level 10 and above. However, it isn’t so easy when your chances depend on the time that is constantly ticking down. The only way is to make sure that you not only pass through the level but collect and accumulate as much time bullets that are strewn across each level. There are hidden areas to discover and upbeat catchy music pumping in the background. PinOut creates a world that makes us want to be careful of our every move.

While already giving us a satisfying experience, PinOut has even more to offer. Throughout the levels, there are mini games in the different levels that will be triggered when hit. They are reminiscent of retro pixelated games with simple maneuvers like a car game that focuses on dodging cars going left and right or a Space Rocks where you play as centered piece which and rotate left and right to break rocks incoming. There are a few of these to discover and while a short experience is also quite entertaining and adds to change the pace of the game. Aside from that, there are also power-up triggers which give two options usually with a few varieties with their own advantages. Some of the power-ups will take a bit of getting used to such as Push and Motion Link. There are the simple ones which are always a pleasure to acquire like Slow Time or Time Freeze.

The levels itself doesn’t only change in their color palette but also change in design and mechanisms. A change in design will keep it refreshing to figure out the best move and angle to aim the ball to the different tracks. It will get fairly more complex in the higher levels. A change in mechanisms will give the track more wonderment and surprises. For example, one of the levels will have machines that will hold and shoot the ball to a further distance but with two options to choose from. Further on, there are also tracks where the path is incredibly drawn out for each move to count with extra time but has to be followed almost exactly, eventually there are also levels that drop fake balls to confuse and create collision, to hinder progress.

Overall, PinOut is a great game. It is completely free with the option for an in-game purchase that activates checkpoints. However, the game is completely doable without this purchase. Plus, if you can get to level 10 and further in one go, the sense of achievement will make it worth every minute. With a fun and energetic soundtrack, dynamic and creative courses and an added time challenge, PinOut is well worth your time and remains fun many times over.


PinOut (2016) Game Review
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