Primal Legends (2016) Mobile Game Review

Primal Legends is a match-3, real-time strategy, and card collecting game available for iOS and Android. Featuring deep gameplay and both single-player and online PvP, this mobile game is one well worth a look.

Match 3 puzzle games have gained an incredible amount of popularity with earlier games from Bejeweled to the huge success of Candy Crush, each with their own little twists. International game studio Kobojo joins into this with their new game, Primal Legends, combining Match-3 puzzles with a Trading Card Game (TCG) style deck building component in a mobile game that has both a quest and arena modes.

Kobojo is an international game studio with a headquarter in Paris and another studio in Edinburgh which started in 2008. Before Primal Legends, it released another game called Mutants: Genetic Gladiators that assembles a team of mutants to destroy opponents in worldwide competitions and multiplayer arenas. With Primal Legends,they are attempting to create a unique experience from the familiar Match-3 games already on the market.  The appealing art style and game mechanics of Primal Legends is absolutely one of the most attractive parts.


Primal Legends is different. To put together a simple concept of Match-3 and build in a strategic component with TCG games, it gives the player both an addictive and thoughtful experience. On launch date in early August, they offered two hundred levels  and forty heroes to unlock. It gives the choice of challenging other players in real-time in the arena or setting off on an epic adventure through Theria and facing challenging bosses over the current levels. With each won battle, there are chests to be won and after waiting a certain time frame for the locksmith to open it, it gives the player goodies: money (to upgrade heroes), gems (to unlock chests quicker), level-ups (for heroes) and unlocking new heroes to join the team.

For those unfamiliar with TCG style games, we are right by your side. However, Kobojo does a great job at Primal Legends in a way that it isn’t hard to learn how the deck building works. The heroes abilities offer a variety  of ways from healing our allies to targeting random spots and even aiming at specific locations at the opponent’s area. Testing out the heroes on the map will quickly allow the player to grasp how each one works and how to better your team for that challenge. However, the learning curve is slightly steep but the game never makes it frustrating. It takes time to get accustomed, perhaps through a few levels and different types of quests, but once you get a hang of it, there is no turning back from wanting to keep going with the journey to see what other wonders are in this world.

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-7-36-02-amIn quest mode, the opponents are also challenging. This may be where the steep learning curve applies the most. The opponents change quite a bit. They can be enemy heroes (the same that we have or ones that we haven’t unlocked yet) which we may already know how they attack. However, there are magical boulders and crossbows and towers which could attack. Some of these will have limited moves. Sometimes, there are multiple heroes. At other instances, these opponents will be hiding behind trees which provide something else to battle through. Sometimes, it isn’t only an offensive game but also a defensive one when there are chests to protect. While it is easier said than done to complete the quests, every time there is a new mechanic, Primal Legends sends in a hero who is in our story for the quest to tell us how it works and what to be careful of. A very small thing but a nice touch.

In arena mode, the difficulty increases because now it is a serious game of strategy between you and the real-time opponent matched up. The difference between the quest mode suddenly changes. It is a nice difference even if these real opponents are incredibly skillful and hard to defeat. It also highlights one potential flaw that could make Primal Legends lose in the long run and that is when a player is accustom to the quests and build a certain strategy that it will work every time. While it is fun to win, the arena mode highlights that the players joining into Primal Legends are out for a challenge and an intensely strategic one. At where we currently are, the refreshing challenges still keep us addicted to entering one quest after another, however, it is hard to say how long that feeling persists even if we don’t see the end yet.

Primal Legends is a unique experience. Whether you are a TCG connoisseur or an amateur, there is still space for you in this game. It may need a lot of strategy and creates a lot of challenge, but Primal Legends makes it worth your while and makes sure that we unlock heroes and gain more money and experience the more you play so that the player will always have what they need to conquer their opponents in each quest.

Primal Legends (2016)

Game Credits

Developer: Kobojo
Genre: Matching, RTS, Card Collecting
Platform: iOS, Android