‘A Quiet Place’ Official Trailer

A Quiet Place is a 2018 thriller about family who lives an isolated existence in utter silence, for fear of an unknown threat that follows and attacks at any sound.

John Krasinski directs himself and real life wife Emily Blunt is this creepy sci-fi thriller that is set to release April 6th. With a small cast and little else known, the trailer is plenty chilling with a desperate family on the run from an unseen menace that appears, from one brief glimpse of something at the end, to be alien beings.

Looking as if constantly on the move and a setting that seems somewhat dystopian, the opening frame reveals what looks like a military defense that must have failed, and an intriguing wall of information that suggest they came quickly, with no apparent pattern and a very strange question: why don’t they eat their kill. Disturbing.

With a clever twist, forcing the cast to be silent in order to survive, the trailer makes it seem that there is no safe place if there is no silence, keeping unbearable tension throughout the short clip. Great cast, cool idea and a genuinely nerve-shattering trailer makes this something to get excited about.