Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Final Demo–Midnight Update: Gameplay and Impressions

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a survival horror, first-person shooter releasing early 2017. Its demo, The Beginning Hour created a lot of discussion and just as many playthroughs when it dropped during E3 back in June and then again with the twilight update in August. The recent 2016 Playstation Experience brought us the final demo, the Midnight update. We played it. But first, here’s the official trailer:

To recap quickly, the first version of The Beginning Hour was only a first look. Its main mission was to show the atmosphere it planned on delivering along with its first person perspective. With that also was its VR compatibility. At the same time, it gave us a small teaser of the story, along with the most crucial question everyone was asking: What did the dummy finger do?

When Twilight update came a few months after, everyone hoped that the big mystery would unveil itself about the dummy finger, including us, so we had to give a spin. If you missed our impressions on that playthrough, check it out here. In short, the Twilight demo was more of a disappointing tease than anything else, not really giving more insight about the story or gameplay. It only opened up one area and a new way to possibly exit and gave the dummy a little extra use but nothing more. Here’s our gameplay footage of that.

Now, here we are with the Midnight update, the final one. This one comes with a longer trailer that shows much more of the story we are maybe going to experience. Midnight update is the one that fans are looking for from the start. Why? It finally shows us not only the changes from the past installments (first person and going back to horror roots) but creating a balance that still had the survival horror game. It manages to retain the creepy and off putting atmosphere while finally giving our character more. For fans who accused it for being too similar to Outlast and lacking the action aspect, this final demo gives our character a gun and a monster. What more could we ask for? The question after this demo is whether there is a true escape. As you see in our playthrough, we managed to slay the beast and acquire the infected ending. Check it out:

After countless attempts, that is the best we can do. However, with a lot of work and a rather intricate puzzle sequence (putting the dummy finger to use as well) and attention to detail, you can find the true ending. If you are curious, this forum post gives you the instructions on how to achieve it.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is due for release on January 24, 2017. However, for Xbox One and PC gamers, the Resident Evil 7 demo will be available on December 9th and 19th respectively.

Have you tried out the Resident Evil 7 final demo yet? Is it a game you anticipate playing? If so, will you be playing it in VR?