The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors and the She’s Alive Moment

The StoryBigby is held in custody by the NYPD in questioning for the death of Snow, whose decapitated head was found at his apartment building. With the help of Mr. Crane, who uses a secret weapon, he is released. Crane and Bluebeard then back Bigby as he questions Tweedledee (or The Woodsman depending on your choice in the previous episode). At this moment, Snow suddenly appears. We learn that the real dead girl was glamoured to look like her. This leads him down a path to a club called Pudding-N-Pie, where the deceased girl worked, to talk to cocky club owner, Georgie. Georgie sends him to the Open Arms Hotel where they discover the crime scene.

3 half redaEpisode ReviewThis next episode picks up right off from the shocking and dramatic ending of the last. Right away, a sense of despair comes over us as we wonder whether we made a bad choice somewhere along the way to merit that ending. Except it quickly becomes a situation to make us wonder who we can trust or not in this situation.  Plus, what leads do we follow? It becomes much more strategic as we start diving into questionings after questionings as we follow the leads to uncover the murders. It hits even closer to home because we realize that Snow was possibly a target and some secrets are slowly surfacing. Fabletown’s messy drawers are getting pulled out one by one and Bigby is stuck in the middle of it all, trying to sort it all out while wondering who to ally with and who can be the most helpful in this investigation.

The Moment In: The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors

The Moment: This moment happens right before the prologue of the episode ends to bring in the opening sequence. Surprisingly, Snow White, who was presumed murdered, walks in just when things are heating up between Bluebeard, Bigby and Tweedledee as they question him about her death. Wolf is worried and upset about Snow, and when she walks in, everyone is puzzled at why she hasn’t surfaced while her head was discovered at the apartment complex of the Fables in South Bronx where the Business Office is. 

Why it Matters: Snow showing up alive means everything. She is the key to how this case and the whole story unravels. She kickstarts the case so we know that it’s about black market glamour and suggests that it could involve a lot more than just a random serial killer. Plus, it puts the people Bigby keeps close to his heart (hint hint: Snow), in danger. Snow is key. She keeps Bigby’s character in balance even if we are in control of him. This episode weighs heavily on questioning suspects and the choices Bigby makes in how he interacts with others. Consequences of earlier interactions will start showing up, and how he deals with certain situations will seemingly influence how that person will perceive him and possibly have future repercussions that might not benefit us, the player. Not only that, but Snow coming back is a shock and surprise to the players because it’s a twist that was not expected.



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