We Want to Play Street Fighter 5 Now: Here’s the Character Reveal Trailer

The Rundown: The fifth numbered game in the hugely popular fighting game from Capcom, Street Fighter 5 will feature 16 characters at launch, including four new ones, though more will be released during the game’s first year. These will be available through in-game money earned by gameplay ranking or purchased outright with real-world currency. Utilizing the Unreal Engine 4, the game will feature cross-platform play between Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows only and will have a storyline related to the newly-developed miniseries Street Fighter: Resurrection, a webseries scheduled for March of 2016.

The Gameplay: Continuing the same side-scrolling fighting gameplay of the franchise, characters use a variety of attacks and special abilities related to each character to try and knockout their opponent. This includes building the EX gauge earn during combat that can be used to for special moves or combinations known as Critical Arts. Introduced in this game will be the V-Gauge, which adds further special techniques to each character. In addition, interactive environments will play a key role in animation when players are in combat. That fluid, water-color art also gets a graphical upgrade.

Want To Play It Now Moment

Kim:Growing up, Street Fighter was the staple of combat games.  There’s always a surge of excitement whenever I see a new Street Fighter launch.  It was the same for the last Street Fighter that launched.  Street Fighter V always seems to  keep its same sort of graphics texture allowing the players to remain nostalgic of their characters, except its more 3D now with their character design and their attacks.  With a launch of 16 characters with the classic favorites like Ryu and my personal favorite Chun-Li, my Want To Play It Moment, aside from the dramatic opening cinematic, is the introduction of the new characters. From Necalli with his awesome attack that surge electricity and changes his hair color to a bright red to F.A.N.G., in their character design of flapping like a bird in the air as an attack but nothing quite beats my love for the new female character, Laura who looks like a wrestler and pulls some of those moves but adds in a little lethal electric touch to it as she rolls around the screen in her mega attack.

David: I am only a casual player of the fighting genre and never truly mastered the art of side-scrolling combat games, but enjoy the genre and the quick gameplay. The characters of this game are practically iconic now and seeing them return for each iteration makes for some great fun. The art style in the series has always been the real draw (after the fighting) and it’s good to see that the developers have maintained that bright watercolor feel to this next version. My Want To Play Moment comes a few times during this character reveal trailer, but especially Birdie uses him chains as a way to jump rope using Rashid. These zany attacks have been a signature of the franchise and makes for some funny moments in the chaos, even if you’re on the receiving end.



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