Netflix Daily Pick: A Llama Laughs in ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ (2000)

Today's pick is a classic Disney animated story for the whole family.

The Emperor’s New Groove is a 2002 Disney animated film about an Emperor is turned into a llama by his ex-administrator, and must now regain his throne with the help of a gentle llama herder.

Today’s Netflix Pick is a pretty funny children’s movie that has plenty for the parents as well. Starring the voices of David Spade and John Goodman and created with a very cool art style, the story is a sharply-written and often laugh-out-loud comedy that will make for a great night at the movies. It’s The Emperor’s New Groove and it’s what’s you’re watching tonight. Here’s why.

THE STORY: Kuzco (Spade) is an Inca emperor who is spoiled, not interested in potential suitors, instead taking advantages of the lifestyle. He eventually fires his conniving advisor named Yzma (Eartha Kitt), who comes to scheme against him with her sidekick Kronk (Patrick Warburton), a rather dim-witted bulbous fellow who isn’t quite vested in the plan. They hope to poison him but it backfires when he drinks a potion that turns him into a llama. He eventually ends up on the run and finds the company of Pacha (Goodman), a peasant whose village Kuzco planned to destroy. The two must work together to get him back to his rightful place and learn a few lessons along the way.

The Emperor's New Groove
The Emperor’s New Groove, 2000 © Disney

WHY YOU NEED TO WATCH: While the animation is top notch, colorful and uniquely drawn, the real fun is the voicework with Warburton the best of the bunch, making Kronk one of the funniest and more memorable supporting characters in any Disney film. Warburton’s deep voice and terrific delivery make Kronk a loveable misfit that earns the movie’s best laughs. That said, the film itself has plenty of great moments with Kuzco and Pacha and while the kids will enjoy the action, the parents can laugh along with the great comedy and kid-friendly story. Whether you’ve seen it before or not, The Emperor’s New Groove is a well-made and voiced-acted story that is well worth a watch. It’s streaming on Netflix right now.