On Netflix Now: We’re Watching ‘Girlhood’

Girlhood is a 2014 drama about a young woman’s transformation as she joins a Parisian girl gang and finds a new identity among true friends.

While the title might suggest a female answer to Richard Linklater‘s award-winning Boyhood, this French drama is anything but. It follows Marieme (an astonishing Karidja Touré), a teenager in a Paris banlieue, feeling trapped and with little motivation. She’s shy, works hard, but is facing a life of dead ends. She finds some hope when she is drawn into a girl gang, three others who fill her with empowerment, give her a new name and redirect her life, for good or bad. Céline Sciamma‘s stunning, emotional story is a beautifully photographed and superbly acted film that will undoubtedly move you, it’s honesty and devotion to Marieme a rare treat. Don’t miss it. Read more here.


Powerfully emotive with moments of rawness and pure joy, this is a film that inspires as it entertains. Truly rewarding.

It’s a French film and as such, if you’re no fan of subtitles, this might be a consideration, but please don’t let it be here. This is one you shouldn’t miss.